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Suggestions for GMR

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#1 X_wing195


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Posted 27 November 2014 - 00:34

     Keep in mind that these are all just suggestions and do not have to be implemented in GMR. I understand that this is a lot to read so feel free to skip around and look at what interests you.

Upgrade System

--Parts wouldn't have to be sold and bought again for different maps. Any parts that you have bought can be equipped and unequipped depending on what you want for that map.



--Manual Transmission and Semi-Automatic Transmission options. I know it can't actually be done because of the way the source engine works but I know a way to simulate it: every gear change the vehicles top speed and horsepower would change for example:


---A car with a top speed of 65mph and 500hp

   1st TS (top speed)-15 mph HP (horsepower)-600

   2nd TS-25 mph HP-500

   3rd TS-35 mph HP-400

   4th TS-45 mph HP-300

   5th TS-55 mph HP-200

   6th TS-65 mph HP-100



--An XP and leveling system that would replace prestige. Instead of having to buy all the upgrades to prestige, why not have an XP bar? Once the bar is full you would have the option to prestige or level up even if you didn't have all the upgrades. The higher you place in a race the more XP you would get. There would also be bonuses for racing with a manual transmission or beating someone's record. 



--Two types of engine upgrades:


1. Size increase starting from a one liter engine and increasing by 0.1 liters per size upgrade up to ten liters. However the size of the engine in liters can't be greater than the amount of cylinders for example if you had a V6 it couldn't be bigger than six liters. Each would give you +5 horsepower and +1 mph top speed.


----Cost System: stock 1 liter

                           upgrade 1.1 liter $100

                           upgrade 1.2 liter $100

                           upgrade 1.3 liter $100...


                        ...upgrade 2.0 liter $200

                           upgrade 2.1 liter $200

                           upgrade 2.2 liter $200...


                        ...upgrade 3.0 liter $300...


                        ...upgrade 4.0 liter $400...and so on...


2. Cylinder increase starting with two cylinders and going up to sixteen cylinders. The purpose of adding cylinders wouldn't be so much to increase speed or horse power as it would be to increase the maximum size that the engine can be as mentioned earlier. It would also change the sound the engine makes as it always has.


----Cost System: stock 2 cylinder

                           upgrade 3 cylinder inline

                           upgrade 4 cylinder compact car engine

                           upgrade 5 cylinder inline

                           upgrade 6 cylinder car engine 

                           upgrade 8 cylinder muscle car engine  

                           upgrade 10 cylinder sports car engine 

                           upgrade 12 cylinder super car engine 

                           upgrade 16 cylinder hyper car engine 



--Sliders for gear ratios, armor to weight reduction, spoiler downforce to drag, and turbo duration to turbo cooldown or turbo force and speed to turbo duration. Also there should be switches for anti-lock brakes, traction control, and stability control which if switched off would decrease roll speed and handling but increase XP.


Again these are only suggestions although I do hope at least some of them will be added in some time in the future.                          

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#2 Hardcore Bob

Hardcore Bob

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Posted 27 November 2014 - 00:52

Upgrade System
Things like exhausts are already very cheap, you only lose about 250 for buying and selling, it's a consideration you have to make.
Car stats are applied when the car is spawned and can't be changed during the race.
What's wrong with the prestige system as is? 
Feels really unnecessary.
Unnecessarily convoluted and lacking in purpose.
Tuning will most likely get improved

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#3 Pandaboy


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Posted 27 November 2014 - 03:10

At the moment, you need a total of <insert amount> dollars to prestige, which you gain from racing. It's exactly the same as needing a total of <insert amount> of XP that you would also get from racing.


I don't see a purpose with the engines suggestion, and the remaining things have already been suggested before.

#4 Fox


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Posted 27 November 2014 - 09:38

X_wing, keep in mind GMR is currently being under construction, it's at the moment far from being finished.

#5 loz


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Posted 27 November 2014 - 18:04

should point out that when you are going through the prestiges it's best to find a set-up compromise to increase your income rather than buying 3 exhausts/etc just to sell the next round. When you have money to spare losing 10% on an item really doesn't hit you that hard. I get the feeling if everyone could change to all their previous bought stuff at will we'd have a lot of very similar cars and it might take some of the fun out?


the XP is silly, you get money for finishing which you will get over time anyways, panda got this right that's the exact same tbh


also I believe I read somewhere that Psy was looking to change the gear ratios a bit which would be a nice touch

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