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Kill for being bad?


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#1 PurpleFire92


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Posted 30 July 2014 - 11:39


I have been playing on the LDT Deathrun server for a few weeks now.
Yesterday I made it to the end as being on the Death-team.
It was 1 v 1 on the bhop, and I am just bad at it, so was my component.
All of a sudden I died. I thought my component shot me
The case was, Dr Scheisse KILLED me with the reason he didn't want to wait 1:30 minutes
I believe he is trusted on the server? so he was able to do that or something
Jozef Namek, also on the server, told me that that wasn't even allowed
So i got pissed off..
I don't want to say he needs to get banned or something..
I just wish you guys be careful by picking who you give those 'powers'
It is being abused like hell...


I do have to commit. I may have not been very nice to Dr Scheisse after this happened
He knows that very well himself. I do apologize for that. 


Thank you for your time
[DPG] Jozef Namek can back up my story. I think Dr Scheisse can do too
Also Gamergirl88 or something saw the event happen.

x Milou.

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#2 Dr Scheisse

Dr Scheisse

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Posted 30 July 2014 - 12:39

Not trusted regular, I joined Jozef had the guns went afk in the middle and I had 4 people saying slay them I waited for a bit none of you made it to the middle platform where the guns would have been and I slaid you and not the runner because you had plenty of traps to kill the runners but you didn't manage to do that. I probably should have waited a bit longer I admit that.

I'll take a ban and/or the rank taken away if you REALLY think this is this big of a deal.

#3 PurpleFire92


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Posted 30 July 2014 - 13:24

You should have waited for the game to end... HOW IT IS SUPPOSED TO GO.....

So all new players get killed any way? even when they tried?

Also.. read above.. i said i dont think that is nessasery

I just thought it was unfair..

#4 PurpleFire92


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Posted 30 July 2014 - 13:43

I think you just had to wait until the timer was up.. MAYBE one of us would have made it to the middle, maybe me, maybe the runner. I don't care. But i've been trying to get the Bhop thing to work out and i dont even get a chance to do that when i get killed. IF you really felt the need to kill because of the wait (which also is unfair in my oppinion), you should have made it a DRAW.

I'm not the only one who plays death and doesnt kill everyone

#5 Hardcore Bob

Hardcore Bob

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Posted 30 July 2014 - 13:45

You can slay someone for wasting time on Deathrun. Nothing wrong there.
I don't have all the details so I can't verify how much time you were actually wasting, but allegedly 4 people requested the slay.

If I have to slay someone during the endgame for any reason whatsoever, I usually slay the Deaths as well, because I figure they lost already when the Runners got to the end. Thus I agree with that part of the decision as well.

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