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Banned for wrong reason

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#1 TheDarkShitSplashes


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Posted 27 July 2014 - 02:26

I was playing on the deathrun server, and had to go (i joined) then i joined again and was kicked for standing and waiting for people to gi first, then i was banned for "Farming points" the 3rd time when i actually started playing, i didnt move because i died and got banned for 2 hours

#2 The Time Rider

The Time Rider

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Posted 27 July 2014 - 03:00

I was on at the time and you afk'd for at least one map and then came right back immediately after getting kicked to afk.  It is not a great leap of the imagination to assume that you are point farming.

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#3 xTorturer


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Posted 27 July 2014 - 03:06

I got informed by Cookie that there was someone being AFK and pointfarming on the Deathrun servers.

When I got online I was by another very trustworthy player that you were pointfarming and also deathavoiding for quite some time.


After closer observation, combined with the information provided to me I decided to ban you.

Considering the fact that it's at a late hour, a 2 hour ban is really not something to be upset about.


So just sit out your ban and remember not to do something likewise again.


EDIT: after talking some more to The Time Rider, it seems you've been doing this on multiple occasions througout the week..


#4 TheDarkShitSplashes


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Posted 27 July 2014 - 11:29

I know about the two times i got kicked, and thats fair i know, but the 3rd time i actually started playing, i was in the top 5 alive, died then goy banned, but oh well nevermind, bans over

And i only played on your server twice, one time with two of my friends and then the time yesturday, this was the only two times i got kciked for being afk

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