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Deathrun server problems/Suggestions

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#1 Rambox


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Posted 14 July 2014 - 17:35

Hai, I just wanted to say some things about the server/maps that are broken.
I also have a few suggestions
I think that 7/10 of the things you already know but still I think it will help a bit.
The problems:
1. Some lasers are broken, on a few maps you can walk through the lasers without dying/losing hp. Although they work on some other maps.
2. When you spawn your screen used to be aiming to the front of the map (Where the map begins after the spawn), but now it's aiming to the ground sometimes or just somewhere. Which is no problem at the begin of the map, but if you go in a teleporter at the middle on the map or something and you get teleported to a part were you can fall of the map it's pretty annoying, because I rush almost every round and when I walk in a teleporter and my aim is suddenly aiming to the right I sometimes walk of the map and fall.
^ I think that no one get this because it's difficult to explain. And I don't know if it's fixable. ^
3. At the simpons map the "easy" ending is broken for a year if it is no longer. When you choose easy you can't shoot the deaths because there is glass in the middle. It should be able to shoot trough it.
4. When the ending games are not finisihed in time (I think it's 1/2 minutes or something) then are the spawns together. This happens on the map Holyshit and Iceworld. This happens for example: Some of the runners spawn at the bhop ending, some at the awp ending, and the deaths spawn on the runner side of the map.
5. You can't drown. At the map "Pool" there is a trap in the water that sucks you in a cage. You should drown there, but it's broken so you can't. So you are getting stuck in the cage in the water without dying.
6. At the family guy map there is a dumpster that makes some skins invisible if they go in the dumpster. You are supposed to become a dog skin of the family guy serie. I don't know his name. But yeah, it's hard to catch some one that is invisible. You can see his crowbar and trail but when some one doesn't have a trail it's difficult to see his crowbar.
7. On rammennes_revenge or something you can re-press some buttons after like 5 seconds so it's almost impossible to do it then. So maybe a longer recharge time.
8. The map deathrun_imperialtomb_b1 is broken at the lava part I think. You have to jump on a platform that brings you through a kind of a river but then with lava. You have to go under a kind of a tunnel where you need to crouch but it's too small so the platform still goes but you don't fit so you fall off the platform in the lava and you die. It is possible to do it with with controlling the platform but that's to hard I think and especially for beginners. I played it on another server once and they made something that teleports you in front of the tunnel to behind the tunnel. 
1. When the map changes there need to be a time "warming up time" like in CS:GO. So everyone have time to join and can play from the first round.
2. When you say more then 3 things in 2 seconds you should get a mute of 30 seconds to prevent spam.
3. More staff on the deathrun server. I am getting sick of the rulebreakers or traps that doesn't kill you so you get stuck and the player won't kill them selfs. This happens a lot and almost everytime when I play there is no ranked on the server and it gets annoying to call a ranked the whole time.
4. I think you are already working on this, but --> bringing back the old afk system that kicks afk players after 3 round of being slayed for afk.
5. Same as the AFK kick system, I think you are already working on it but brining back those grim reapers models for deaths. It's much funnier.
6. Fix the !motd command and add every single rule on it.
7. The machine gun (I don't know the name) that kills deaths with 1 bullet is a little bit overpowered I think. So mabye it should do less damage.
8. Like HardcoreBob said once in another thread: Adding a flashlight in the store shop. 
That would be very useful because some maps are very dark and it's hard to see things.
9. And maybe that if a map gets choosed that you can't choose that map for 4-5 map changes anymore to prevent that maps getting overplayed.
My English is not fluent so I probably made a lot spelling errors and grammar errors.
Thanks for reading and feel free to post your opinions. :)

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#2 BOT Dan


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Posted 14 July 2014 - 20:58

1. I believe the lazors and the MOTD were removed by Ninja to try and prevent the crashing of both the server and clients and I think they will return.

2. I have no idea what you mean... :P

3. The Simpsons ending does need fixing, or the teleporter/trigger needs removing to prevent the ending from being played. 

4. I've seen the endings break on holyshit but I have no idea what is causing it and I don't think anyone else does either. There may be a fix but it is likely a map bug that is hard to fix. 

5. Yeah, drowning... This used to work but I think Garry is to blame for the break, a bit like the fall damage...

6. I am aware that Ninja was looking into a fix for Family Guy, the problem was that the button to unlock it doesn't have a unique name, so it is hard to target to remove.

7. I havn't played this map in a while so I have no idea. 

8. Imperial isn't broken, it's a problem with the player height in Garry's mod being SLIGHTLY higher crouched than in CS:S ( believe) so the player struggles to fit through. It may be possible to move the brush up in code but I have no idea. 


- I agree with a warmup time, as that's really annoying (although I generally spawn first)

- I don't really agree with the chat spam thing, it's part of Deathrun sort of now. I feel mute is just as good. 

- More staff cannot really be addressed, although I agree (even I am inactive on it, but I have... reasons out of my control :P)

- I believe the AFK system is in redevelopment, yes. 

- Same, I also believe this MAY be making a comeback.

- Hehe, machine gun :P (yeah, OP)

- A flashlight would be brilliant.

- This would also be brilliant.

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#3 Dr Scheisse

Dr Scheisse

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Posted 15 July 2014 - 03:12

Suggestion 9 is the best. It's really fucking annoying when we do a map that is the kids favourite and we play trough it and then it pops up in the map voting and 90% it will be chosen again (I once played sonic 3 times in a row :<)

#4 Krunder


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Posted 15 July 2014 - 10:50

Brilliant post about what you feel should be changed and the problems that currently exit! :D


A few features where removed as an attempt to prevent the crash on game-mode/map load which occurs quite frequently. These features well appear back in the server as and when I feel necessary once all debugging is complete.


Due to this issue not throwing any errors, or giving an clear indication on what could be the cause, it is making it VERY difficult to get any form of idea on what is causing this!




1. The laser fix was removed for testing reasons with the crash, as sometimes certain entities can fail. (Tested all the little things)


2. I am struggling to understand where you are coming from, all spawning methods are the same. Nothing different about         the EyeAngles has changed, but will see if I can do something with this.


3. Penetration does not exist in this game-mode, which is why this issue exists on that ending as it means you cannot shoot through the glass. I will remove the teleport entity for that ending so it cannot be used.


4. I will look into this issue, I am also using the same spawn entities as what has always been used (player_terrorist, player_counterterrorist).


5. Drowning is not implemented in the latest build, I will have this sorted for as soon as possible. Will get back to you all on the main bugs I will have fixed in the next day (Due to testing).


6. As Dan said with this issue as we have already looked into this issue. We have decompiled the map and the button does not have a name, which means I have no possible way of removing it or the costume entity from the map.


7. The same issue is with other maps where you can re-press buttons, but that is very fast for a re-charge time. Will look into the issue and will have it fixed.


8. Nothing can be done with the platform physically itself, but I can do a teleport thing like that. Will fix and introduce in the major update.




1. Agreed! This was mentioned a while back and will be added in the major update! Good thing to add due to only one person doing the round is a waste of 1 round.


2. I suggested this a long time ago behind closed doors with the Owners and they said no. Maybe they have changed their minds, but I will ask them again. :D


3. Staff isn't really something I can change. This is something that is down to the ranked players and them as individuals, but someone like me for instance should be on playing a lot more!


4. The AFK system is in redevelopment and works a lot better than it did from the default one, however, I just didn't implement the kick issue but it is going to work a bit different in the major update!


5. I will sort this issue out in the major update!


6. The MOTD will make a comeback soon, probably with the drowning feature reappearing.


7. Quick story! While me and Dan where messing around on the development server, we started to play around with the machine gun settings. When it came to the update I forgot to remove the Over Powered feature about it, but thought it was a whole bunch of fun to keep in. Do you think it is ruining the server?


8. I have a really special idea for this, which will be part of the major update. Stay tuned for more info!


9. My apologies will fix this issue in the update with the drowning fix. I forgot to check whether it was the same map it has chosen randomly!



Thanks again for making this post and I apologise for any inconvenience with specific features!

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