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Another list of suggestions

Flood Mod LDT

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#1 Ashdebruin99


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Posted 29 May 2014 - 00:49

So this is my second Suggestion list of what I want on the server to improve the gameplay, teams etc. So let's get to it.

1. Invite only and manageable teams
Now people have this problem of people joining on your team without asking you and it is abit annoying, so with this feature it allows you to invite specific people you want on a team. This eliminates the fact that people just randomly join teams because they do not want to be ganged up by the rest of the server e.g person with a tough boat with powerful weapons. Someone not doing anything useful, being annoying or just another random person joining, well now you can manage teams to either kick or promote to captain or leader. This shows who is doing the work and who's not.

2. Bigger but more strategic map.
now you might be thinking this is a really bad idea but it does give potential to it. The map will have an additional private building room and more space for people that don't have a private room. Also with the addition there is a small enterable fort for small boats like the minge boat or the 2x1 vending machine boat. There will be no areas for the player to stand on but this gives some cover that cannot be shot through, but it has large entrances fit enough for small boats so cover isn't that good. Large boats cannot fit in the fort as this gives them a disadvantage for some players. There still be the spawn building but only smaller in size.

3. Preset boats
Struggling to build a boat? short in time? Need to get experience with boat building? Well this feature allow players to buy a preset boat from the specific dupes that the Devs give them. There are 4 preset boats to choose but they vary in cost: Skirmisher: a light boat that is very cheap but weak in materials, Gunboat: a stronger all cost effective boat with medium armour and normal speeds, Juggernaut: heavy armour with slow mobility and finally Battle ship: Strongest out of the pack, very heavy armour, very slow mobility and of course Very Expensive. The cost of these boats depend on what props they contain e.g Juggernaut has small metal doors as armour and has 2 vending machines.

4. Gamemodes
Want different and unique gamemode on a flood game? Want to control a specific area, well with a bigger map, players can decide on 4 teams: red, blue, green, yellow. The maximum of boats you can have is one same as always and this takes teamwork, courage and strategy because if you go in there guns blazin' you can get something but you may not get the objective. The gamemodes that will be in this will be: King of the hill, War (where you take over an opposing teams base) and Capture the flag. This was inspired by vehicle warfare games like bf4, world of tanks and war thunder.

5.Random events
Now I know this is random (known by the title) but building from the crate drop idea, I was thinking of having random events. Mainly I thought of this was because this creates more excitement in gameplay and making it intense for example if an air strike might be unexpected it could drop anywhere and could land on a boat and scare the living sh*t out of them. The unexpected features are: air strike(damages the player or boat) , anti-pirate squad (attacks other players boats), Swarm (small boats coming in at all angles but can be easily sinkable), Cargo ship (big ship with crates in them, but with small amounts of money and awards) and finally supply boat (similar to cargo ship but filled with ammo and health.)

This will be my final suggestions list until couple of weeks this is so then people can give their own ideas. Anyways cya in the rough seas for naval warfare.
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#2 elite


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Posted 29 May 2014 - 06:49

First of all, put these suggestions in this thread http://forum.ldt.gg/...-thread/page-11 (it's specifically for suggestions and bugs).

1. There isn't currently a way of inviting people, but you can lock teams. So there is a way of stopping random people joining your team. You can't kick people from the team at the moment and this might be an interesting feature but might not be needed, if you lock a team then presumably you're going to be with people you want.

2. This too might be interesting, but the player limit is only 20 and I think that the map could comfortably hold 20 boats from the numbers of people I have seen on the server.

3. Don't really think this is a good idea, it kind of defeats the object of flood which is to build a boat and fight, if people had preset boats I think they would be used to often and would make it an unfair battle between preset boats and normal boats.

4. This I definitely think is a good idea, I would really like to see gamemodes like king of the hill where you control an area, since we only have one map at the moment, maybe there could be a vote on what gamemode to do every 5 rounds.

5. I also think having crate drops would be a good idea, it would help to make newer players fight older players more equally if there was one player who had a really high gear score.

#3 BOT Dan


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Posted 29 May 2014 - 15:42

Just saying Elite, the thread does say;

Suggestions and improvements are welcome but please don't post a block of text, I will not read it at all.

EDIT: I just spent 15 minutes writing here and it disappeared, rrrrr.....

Quick cover of what I said:

1. Kicking would be cool and a system to prevent OP teaming would be useful, invites aren't hugely necessary.
2. Maps were discussed before and some work began on new maps but the project seems to have fallen flat on its face.
3. Not really useful, floods about learning, maybe better help may be needed but that's it.
4. Cool idea but may change flood from flood to Call of Duty: Modern Boatfare 4 and ruin it.
5. Also cool idea but would need balancing a lot and may ruin peoples boats instantly which they may have spent lots of money on.

I did write a lot more in-depth but I think the quote deleted all my text after it?!?!



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Posted 29 May 2014 - 23:39

Fair enough Dan, ignore the thread post I made! :P

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