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LDT Rank instruction, terms and conditions

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Posted 25 November 2013 - 02:50

To Whom It May Concern

Rank instruction, terms and conditions

Before you use your rank, it is demanded that you read this page carefully.
This is a manual to the usage of your powers, and as well a contract of terms and conditions.
With power comes responsibility, so you will need to read and accept all statements on this page and thereby pledge to use your powers in a proper way.
You must understand that the commands available are not toys, and are to be handled with respect.
If you do not agree with this page, you can make your objection and refuse the rank.
Accepting the rank means that you have accepted everything in this document.

Responsible use of the powers
  • As a higher rank you will have to set an example for the other players in the server.
  • You are aware of the rules stated in the !motd which you have read and understand.
  • You play by these rules, and have the authority to warn someone when they do not.
  • If someone seems to intentionally break rules, or simply doesn't care, you can use your powers to punish this person accordingly.
  • You will never use your powers out of anger or hate against someone.
  • You will never use your powers exclusively for personal gains or someone else's.
  • You will always separate your personal feelings from the case.
  • You understand that taking action against a rulebreaker:
    • -is NOT to have avenge what he did.
    • -IS to make him learn, and NOT just to punish him.
  • You will always try to reason with someone rather than blindly dishing out a punishment based on the facts.
  • If someone understands his mistake, a lower punishment (or only a warning) is enough. The player will now play by the rules, which is the ultimate goal rather than getting rid of everyone who made a mistake.
    In other words: "It is about teaching, not about punishing."
  • Of course the only exception to this is a person who purposefully cheats or intentionally breaks the rules.
Multiple servers
  • You will wield this rank on all LDT servers. It is possible that you are not familiar with other gamemodes.
  • Always make sure you have sufficient knowledge of the gamemode, its rules and the way it is moderated before you take action.
  • When you are in doubt, do not take any action and refer to the !MOTD.
  • You can also ask higher ranks on what to do. It is recommended to use TeamSpeak for this.
  • Misuse caused by insufficient knowledge may still result in global demotion.
The LDT moderation system
  • You will have certain powers available to you on the LDT servers, but you can not always use them.
  • You must refrain from using your powers when there are actively moderating players with a higher rank.
  • Exceptions to this are if all of the higher ranks are AFK or tell you to "go ahead".
  • Kicking someone while a higher rank is about to ban or interrogate the subject is counterproductive to the system and can be frustrating.
Abuse and demotion
  • Misuse of the powers granted may result in instant demotion and/or punishment.
  • LDT has the right to strip a rank without negotiation or notice, also LDT is not required to state a reason for any action taken.
  • Relatively minor offenses result in a demotion, in worse cases the offender may also receive a community wide ban of any length determined by LDT.

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