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Server Info - Commanders Reign

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Posted 02 July 2013 - 16:10

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I will use this thread to put all the info about the server(s) in it.

Vanilla server IP: mc.solutions4ict.nl:25565
Current vanilla version: 1.5.2
Vanilla dynmap link

Modded server IP: mc.solutions4ict.nl:25575
Current vanilla version: 1.5.1
Modded dynmap link

Donate Thread
Current whitelist
Whitelist form

[SPOILER=Server rules - It is MANDATORY that you read these rules before applying]
1. Property
A. Do not take / destroy anything that belongs to someone else than you.
B. If someone asks you to leave their house, do it.
C. Do not construct anything near other people, if they make it clear they don't want it!
D. Do not take items from other people's mines without permission of them. This includes ores or other materials on the walls around it.

2. Damage
A. Any damage inflicted by lava placed by you, or in some way routed by you, is your responsibility.
B. Do not make open fire / lave anywhere near building that are not yours!
C. Do not make open fire / lava in a place where you are not fully in control of it, especially near forests!
D. Don't spam TNT. If it has a purpose use it, but do not use more than necessary.
E. Do not kill players unless you're an arena or other PVP activity.

3. Aesthetics
A. If an area has been designated for some theme / big construction, don't make something out of place
eg. If a place is clearly designated for a medieval themed town, don't make a modern looking house.
B. Do not leave half cut trees, if you start cutting it down, cut it all the way.
C. Do not blow holes in the ground with no constructive purpose.

4. Admins
A. Admins may not use their powers for trolling / griefing or giving them selves a game play advantage.
B. Admins can redefine rules as it suits the situation.

5. Common sense
Think, you have a brain for a reason.

6. Hacking
You are not allowed to use any modifications to minecraft, while playing on our server, that give you any kind of advantage.

7. Farms
You can build an arena around a mob spawner / dungeon, the mobs need to be able to attack you, no auto-killing machines. You can not lag the server by having 200 NPC's spawn. You can not build huge ass dark-area mob spawning area's.
Breeding friendly mobs is however allowed but in normal doses.
Automated cactus/reed farms can not exceed 32 plants in size for 1 player.
Automated Cobblestone Generators can not exceed 5 hotspots in 1 generator per player.

8. Whitelist
The whitelist is here to ensure that every player can be trusted with playing on a server where we are not using any mods to protect anything.
To get on the white list apply in the application thread, then it'll be decided if you are qualified to be added.
Basically you need to be trusted by the admins, not necessarily the same as having a trusted rank on the Gmod servers, but we need to know you, and know you're not a huge Mingebag.
Upon acceptance to the whitelist an admin will walk you through the rules.

LDT members can skip this procedure and pm me with a username to be added to the whitelist, as the server belongs to LDT, and therefore also it's members.

9.Nether portals
A. You need permission from an admin to create a nether portal.

10. Other rules
A. Do not spam the chat.
B. Don't only type in CAPSLOCK
C. Treat people as you would want to be treated a.k.a. be nice to other people :)
D. No inappropriate designs (i.e. swastika)
E. Do not abuse / exploit bugs or glitches
F. You are responsible for your own account!
G. English only in chat


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