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Remote control ship camera tutorial - Cam Controller

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Posted 15 February 2011 - 09:51

To build a remote control ship, it's as simple as building your ship normally but having the seat outside.
The camera, however, is a bit trickier

This tutorial will guide you through creating a Cam Controller system, which has the advantage of being able to be used by anyone, while not receiveing interference
The wiring of the cam controller itself will be dealt with last

First, make sure you have a complete working ship and control seat
This seat should be whatever vehicle you would have used in the cockpit in a manned ship
For the sake of this tutorial, I will assume you have used an advanced pod controller and gyroscope

Once you have your ship and control seat, you need to choose a location for your camera
We will use the wire Locator tool
Posted Image

Place one locator where you want the camera to be
Posted Image

And one where you want the camera to aim
Posted Image

Next you will need two beacon sensors.
Posted Image
It's simpler if you put these at your control seat, rather than on your ship
Tie one becaon senser to the camer location, and the other to where the camera will aim
To tie a beacon sensor to a locator, simply use the "Beacon Sensor" tool, right click on the sensor, then on the locator

Next, we must calculate where the cam controller will face
Since I couldn't find an input based solely on coordinates, we will calculate a vector based on the two points

For this, we will need 3 wire arithmetic gates, set to "Subtract"
Posted Image

and a wire vector gate set to "Compose"
Posted Image

These should be placed near your beacon sensors, to make wiring easier

The first subtraction gate will be our "X" value, the second will be our "Y" value, and the third will be our "Z" value

Wire each gate to subtract the values from the beacon sensors, in the form "camera target sensor - camera location sensor = output"

Wire the vector composition to take the values from the appropriate subtraction gates

In the following diagram, the topmost gate is our "X" subtraction gate, the middle is our "Y" subtrction, the bottom is our "Z" subtraction, and the gate to the right is our vector composition gate.
The red wires are linked to A on the gate and the appropriate output from camera aim sensor, and the green wires are linked to B on the gate and the appropriate outut from the camera location sensor
Posted Image

Now we should start on our cam controller.
Use the wire "Cam Controller" tool to create a cam controller. Right click on the cam controller then on the seat to tie them together.

The "Activate" input on the cam controller should wire into the "Activate" input for the pod controller. (Also see Optional Settings 2)

The "X", "Y", and "Z" inputs on the cam controller should link into the "World_X" "World_Y" and "World_Z" outputs on the camera loaction beacon sensor

The "Direction [VECTOR]" input on the cam controller should link into the output from the vector gate
Posted Image
Posted Image

Now when you enter your seat it should automatically switch your view to the camera location loacator, facing the camera aim locator
Posted Image

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Posted 15 February 2011 - 09:52

Optional Settings
  • Invisible locators
    If your locators, or other objects, cover your view, you can use the "colour" tool to make them invisible.

    Simply set the second bar down to the bottom, and anything you colour will become invisible:
    Posted Image

  • Disable Camera (failsafe)
    If you find you lose control of your ship, it's nice to have a failsafe so you can re-align your aim
    It works best when used with "Level" on your gyropod, though I don't recommend having both set to the same key

    Use two logic gates, one should be And and the other should be Not
    Wire the Not into your advanced pod controller, and into whichever key you want to hold to disable the camera
    Wire the And into the advanced pod controller's "Active" output, and the not gate
    Wire the cam controller's "Activate" input into the And gate
    Posted Image

  • Parenting to the locator
    Will be added as soon as I figure out exactly how to do it
    Should make the camera less juttery when the ship is moving

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