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Minecraft Donating

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Posted 28 June 2013 - 19:26

We finished the donator perks some days ago so it was time to create this topic :3

Posted Image

- You will keep your donator status as long as the server exists.
- Donations count on both servers

Click here to donate for Supporter

Click here to donate for Supporter+

Click here to donate for Sponsor

[SPOILER=Donate Stuff Explanation]

Donator kits: Type /kits ingame to view your available donator kits!
Type /kit KITNAME

Disguise yourself as block: Type /d BLOCKID or type /d blockname. Type /ud to undisguise yourself.

Disguise youself as mobs: Type /d MOBNAME to disguise yourself as a mob. Type /ud to undisguise yourself.

Virtual Workbench: You will always have a craftingtable with you Type /workbench!

Virtual Chest: Inventorry full when you go mining? Type /chest to gain access to your virtual chest.

Color your chat: Use color codes to make your chat messages awesome! :D

Colored signs: Use color codes on signs! :D

/CI Command: Get rid of useless shit by typing /ci

/Tpa Command: Send a teleport request to a player.

/Back Command: Use /back to teleport back to your last known location.

/Nick Command: Use /nick NICKNAME to set your own nickname and "/nick realminecraftname off" to turn the nickname off again.
(Color nicknames are also possible :))

/Fly command: Use /fly to toggle fly mode! (not creative mode) Make building easier noaw! :D

Reserved Slot: This will get you a reserved slot in the server, so you will be able to join when the server is full :)


When you have donated contact Commander on steam (prefered and fastest way) or on the forums with a PM
Custom donate perks are also available on request if you donate more then € 20.

Posted Image

- All donations are non refundable

Edited by Commander, 07 September 2013 - 11:16.

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Posted 07 September 2013 - 11:18

Added /nick command for Supporter+ and Sponsor

Everyone can now use the command /realname NICKNAME to see who the guy with the nickname is :)


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