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[WIP] gmr_spacerace

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Posted 17 April 2013 - 16:06

I originally started talking about this in the GMR Map Thread. It really belongs here instead, so I'll just quote what I said there in a spoiler.

[SPOILER=Stuff Was Said...]


A race map located in space!
I just started working on it today and that image is what I have so far. Skybox is from 'sb_new_worlds'. (I'm going to mention this in a credits texture which I will place somewhere visible in the lobby.)

Basically you start inside a spaceship or some kind of space vessel (which also contains the lobby). The start of the race (The room seen through the windows in the pic) is meant to look like an air lock. I want the outter airlock doors to remain shut until a race starts, at which point they will open. Possibly all at once or slowly, haven't decided or gotten to that point yet.

The elevated walkways in the middle is where the players will spawn. I'm probably going to end up putting a double sided hanging scoreboard in the middle of the hole that's in the walkway.
The lit up area has four garages where people can spawn jeeps. (The light was added in game.) I will probably fill up the other two side rooms with random jeep crap, but I don't see that as a priority at this point.

I haven't started making the actual racecourse yet, but I want the road texture to be the combine force field effect. This may not work if it isn't visible at a reliable distance. If this happens, I would probably put visible rails or some other kind of indicator. Or I might make a duplicate of the texture and edit its properties so it doesn't go completely invisible.

I would like to say I'm going to finish this, however I am currently involved with a very large project involving a few friends of mine.

Also if anyone has any track layout ideas feel free to suggest them as I haven't made one yet.

Did some more work on it today and got a lot done. You can see better if you view the images in their full sizes.


Bird's eye view:

The missing texture is my bad. It will be fixed. The white is the scoreboard. Also, the lights were all added in game as I have yet to add lights.
View of the airlock from the lobby. I haven't added the big airlock door yet.

I need to make the underside of the roads visible, as currently they are nodraw. I should also add some kind of obstacle on that long stretch at the beginning so the noobies don't get left completely in the dust by people with better engines all the time.

There are 25 checkpoints including the finish line and I got ~102 seconds using the test gamemode.

Next time I work on it ill link a bsp. It is practically impossible to see anything in the lobby right now without turning mat_fullbright on or adding lights in sandbox mode.

There are walls in some places. The walls are blue and its kind of hard to tell where they are from just the images because they kind of look like part of the edge of the road which is also blue but they are in fact different textures.

There is a wall on the right side of the fourth image that I linked above. The walls are fairly short and you will likely go over them if you get airborne at all, however they will stop you if you just spin out while on the ground. I also made the walls out of triangles so people can't get stuck on and/or ride the walls. Ether of these things will result in falling off the track.

Also I want the track to visually appear to be infinitely thin, however I am unsure about how to do this without just placing two different brush faces directly against eachother (pointing oposite directions) and then making the brush on top func_illusionary or some other non solid entity. I have a feeling that this might cause issues though. I could always just make a brush that is 1 unit thick but I think it would be noticable even if i made the edges of said brush invisible. Any ideas?


A map located in the cold vacuum of space! Not much else to say... The race will begin in the closed airlock of a space vessel. When the countdown starts the airlock doors will begin to open to reveal a racetrack made entirely out of energy!

For those who want to know, the skybox is from sb_new_worlds.

Some images of the track so far: (Best viewed full size)

Bird's eye view:

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#2 Bamboy


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Posted 17 April 2013 - 23:30

The first beta of the map can be downloaded here for those who are interested. This isn't finished so don't put this on the server or redistribute yet please!

Underside of the track is now visible.
Added lighting to the lobby (the high-scores board's light needs to be dimmed).
Added trigger kills and clip tooltextures to prevent people from skipping through areas. (turns out clip doesn't stop vehicles- needs to be fixed.)
Changed all track parts to func_detail entities.
TRIED to make the track emit appropriate colored light using lights.rad - This didn't end well in terms of compiling time. (15 minutes using the 'fast and dirty' setting!!)

Still need to add the airlock doors. I want to add little frames where people can put sprays or something. Probably need to add some ramps or put more detail in the lobby. Also need to make a credits texture.

Note: I haven't added the 'info_gamemode' entity yet because I prefer to test in sandbox. You might need to type 'gamemode gmodracer' into console before trying to load the map.

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