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When do I get promoted?

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Posted 04 February 2012 - 05:39

Promotion Guide

A lot of you people have probably been wondering: How do I get promoted to a higher rank within this community? The answer is simple but the way to it is rather complicated. Your promotion is being processed in a few steps which are going to be explained in this thread. If you've read this entire thread and still don't know how our promotion system works, feel free to shoot us a question at Steam or via PM.

Step one; get recognised
At the beginning of your life in LDT you are considered a user of the community. We tend to call this status "unranked", since you have no specific rights on the server which can affect the gameplay. You can get recognised in a positive way if you play regularly on our servers and if the moderation team sees that you understand and respect the rules. However, since the moderation team is most of the times really busy with moderating the server, there is a chance that they will miss an amazing player like you and that you don't get recognised as a regular player. This is the reason why a lot of people give up at this moment.
To get recognized more easily, get us to know you! Hang out on the forums and on TeamSpeak, and there's bound to be someone who'll recommend you for Regular in no-time!

Step two; the playerfile
Unlike other communities, where the administrators decide who is getting a promotion or not, LDT has a different more democratic and effective system. We have playerfiles. Playerfiles are threads which are only visible by community core members with the rank "Moderator" or Admin.

Posted Image

Once you get recognised as a regular player of this community, a community core member will make playerfile for you where they write what they think about you and in some cases they request for a promotion:

Posted Image

Step three; the discussion
The other community core members post the positive and negative about you and sometimes ask questions about your activity or your reliability. All the posts in the playerfiles by the community core members are restricted and will NEVER be provided to players outside the community core. Please do not ask for information about your playerfile and please do not force a community core member to make one for you. Once a community core member has leaked information from the playerfiles to unauthorized players, please report them to one of the "Owners".

Posted Image

Step four; the promotion
When the discussion is over and we all came to a certain conclusion about your status, an owner will confirm the promotion by posting a message in your playerfile with your new rank.

Posted Image

The owner who confirmed your promotion will provide you with some useful information about your new rank and he will also provide you with the terms and conditions which are related to your newly gained rank. You have to carefully read through those term and conditions. If you agree please notify the owner about it. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions, we will not provide you with the rank.

Finally you will be added to the global rank system!

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